Men and Makeup: Sexist Retardation

Posted On March 21, 2008

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Deep breath. inhale, exhale.

i’ll just cut the carp for you, methinks.

I fucking HATE it when boys/boyfriends say they like girls with no makeup on or the ‘natural look’. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU IDIOTS?????!!!!!

That is just sexist bullshit. THEY don’t want their girlfriends( im talking as some1 who has gone to school in SE Asia ok) to loook glamorous, beautiful, gorgeous etc etc. because sthey don’t want other men to look at them. well fuck that. Do u know what it shows? Their insecurity. they equate hotness as being sluttiness-which is completely different. Men here think that if you look attractive in any way then they have the right to lecherously stare at you like a piece of meat. URGH. they should be castrated. gross.

Let me tell you about the filipino male mentality( not all mind u-but too fucking many) -their girlfriends should be subservient to them and not wear any makeup as she ‘belongs’ to him. Disgusting. Oh, and do you know who he has affairs with or finds hot?? the girl with all the slap on . BLOODY RICH COMING FROM MEN.

Do you know what really gets on my tits?? People acting as if u wear makeup its a sign of tartiness or sluttiness or whatever or you only ever think of boys. WTF??? I LUV MAKEUP for its own sake and i luv it for me. grrrrr. FUCKING shitty actresses here proudly state in mags ” I hardly wear any makeup…..lipgloss lang” or blush lang” It’s not something to be proud of!! When i read that i think: hypocrite. liar. little girl. Idiots the lot of them.

Let me tell u there’s nothing wrong with makeup:its there to FUCKING ENHANCE and it is not FAKE. U want the au natural makeup look…fine go ahead..don’t comb ur hair, brush ur teeth, get braces…whatever…be fucking natural and you’ll see that men don’t look at you, they won’t bother talking at you to see your inner character…..After all beauty is only skin deep and there are only a few blind men around. But darling im sure its worth it.

Oh and next time u see a gorgeous girl…chances are she’ll be wearing makeup…oh and i bet all the boys staring are thinking “Fake, fake , fake….it disgusts me” …while his penis gets erect that is.


MAC Makeup-Manna from Heaven

Posted On March 21, 2008

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i luv luv luv mac makeup. fuckity fuck-why didn’t i discover it earlier??!!!! well, partly because of the humongous price tag!!!! U know, when u first look at mac, u think hmmm “what’s so special??” I COULD NOT HAVE BEEN MORE WRONG.

i can’t believe i could ever have lived without mac….lol i now come to think of my life in terms of B.M.A.C. and A.M.A.C. OMG. Sad but totally true.

i just luv the huge range of gorgeous yummy colours to choose from and the amazing textures and alll the shinyness. hmmm…..i sound like a blooody saleswoman. Oh God…what’s become of me??? i lurve the crazycool names they come up with as well- PERVETTE anyone??

once u use MAC there’s no going back baby!!!

Just take a look at MAC’s new Heatherette collection-gorgeous beyond words-or am i completely suckered in by the fancy, useless, environmentally bad but oh so hot pinkness of it all…..hmmm i wonder sumtimes.


oh god, how can anyone be profound over a load of makeup. well i can. ladida… off to visit the wizard of mac.

A Fictional Story

me at the mac counter: hmmmm can i get all the lipsticks, all the beauty powders and the quads…oh and the lipglasses and the….what the fuck, chuck it all in…..i want it all!!!!! MUAHAHAHAHA. mmmmmm….i just luv the shiny pinkness of it alll.

MAc woman: sure u do, luv…..but thats what u said last week…oh and can u stop fondling the products please and ummm u’re scaring the customers…so ermmm please leave. like immediately.

Fictional story, but u get the general idea, peeps.


so who else is in lurve with MAC???

Blogging= headache

Posted On March 21, 2008

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okaaay wordpress is meant to be easy…i suppose it is, since im not exactly a veteren blogger….what with a grand total of 1 blog post to my name. yayayayaya! i blog post…how exciting!!! no really. im serious! God, im SAD. anyway where was i? oh yeah…headaches. Why the fuck do i have a cheesy ice wonderland crap as my BACKGOUND. horror of fucking horrors. it just screams cheesy. So don’t worry i will change that baby blue vomit inducing hallmark card thing to sumthing FAR sassier and cuter and gorgeous…..hmmmm, maybe a picture of moi??!!! YES, i am up myself, ok. i admit it i have a ego problem…………well so there. ya, biatch. i luv luv luv myself.

oh and globalglamour ….”Vanessa Hudgens….shes well nice to everyone”…what r u her no.1 fan or sumthing??? do u know what’s incredibly sad?? sticking up for sum1 u don’t even know. hmmm, i sense sum1 hasn’t taken their medication. ahaha. no really im sure u’re sweet really….just in that crazy deluded kinda way.


OMG!!!!!!!! yay i have a blog!!! which incidently i have been planning to start since…..oh since… ahem, a year ago. well, whatever.

Anyway-i’m here now, so it’s all gooood. OK-i bet some weirdos will be saying (if anyone bothers to read this) that i am completely up myself-well, sod u. ahahahaha. i choose to call myself that. so there.

Just to warn u all-i use OMG a lot-like A LOT. But don’t worry it’s more of a written expression for me. I’m Eurasian with an english accent, so don’t get any weird ideas that im American-im not. oh god, i sound crazy now.

hmmm, does the constant repetition of “OMG” annoy people? i know it annoys me, especially said in a squeaky teenybopper voice. grrrrrrrr. i fucking hate those voices…and why oh why are they always on Disney channel being nauseatingly loud and vulgar and downright annoying. gross. it should be banned in the interest of safety-u know people could go mad from the prolonged agony of it all.

i really think the Disney channel lowers kid’s intelligence….what do you think?? Is Hannah Montana and High School musical 1, 2,3,4,5, infinity ( god help us all) ermm such a brilliant thing to aspire to?? hmmmm, well if u want to reach the pinnacle of tackiness, go ahead…but on another level i quite like that vanessa hudgen’s style off screen…oh look at me-im soooo hypocritical.

but i just luv luv luv the whole sultry dark think going on…except without the skannyness thing on. oh, and the whole no clothes, totally naked posing for cam thing.obviously.ahem, i really don’t aspire to such great*rolls eyes*

and her hair is too gorgeous. yum yum. now, if only i had millions of dollars, a fabulous wardrobe and a makeup, hairdresser and stylist team at my beck and call. sigh. cue the daydreaming a-list lifestyle fantasy now. *brunette bombshell slaps self silly* okaaaaaaay. weird moment. hmmm, i have to go do sumthing infinitely more important than biatching about vanessa…like buffing my nails. ok, ta ta for now babes.

so watcha say?? what are u hating/loving right now??

Hello world!

Posted On March 21, 2008

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